101st Airbourne In Normandy (PC-CD)

Type in these codes during gameplay:

Code             Effect
Helllive         all the germans on the map are killed.
Ihaveyounow      all the germans on the map are surrendered.
Beef             all the cows on the map are killed.
Heknows          turns off Iknow.
Robocop3         makes your soldier go berzek.
Hohoho           Gives your GI a brand new MG42 plus two ammo belts.
AirNormandy      soldiers re-jump into normandy.
AngryManDinners  soldiers are given food.
Iknow            displays all germans, equipment bags, and insides of buildings.
TraitorTraitor   current soldier surrenders.
PrisonPod        removes all parachutes.
Weasel           all soldiers on the map are made available.
YouGoSquishNow   all the germans on the map are killed.
Iwillsurvive     Unlimited lives

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