NASCAR 2001 (Playstation 2)

Black Box Classic car:
Win the Short Track Challenge to unlock the Black Box Classic car.

Black Box Exotic car:
Win the Half Season to unlock the Black Box Exotic car.

EA Sports car:
Win the Road Course Challenge to unlock the EA Sports car. car:
Win the Superspeedway Shootout under either veteran or legend difficulty settings.

Richard Petty car:
Win a season under the rookie difficulty setting.

Treasure Island track:
Win a season under the veteran difficulty setting.

Hint: Easy wins in quick race and seasons:
Set all races to 3% (shortest laps). Play the game under rookie or veteran difficulty setting. Set the following options: damage to limited, yellow flag to no, and comp to yes.
Drive clean, do not hit any drivers, draft when appropriate, and do not hit the walls to win every race. Also try creating a driver and use the EA Sports car. Also, pay attention to the type of track you will race on. On long tracks, set your car to loose.
Short tracks, like Bristol, should have a tight setting. On all other courses, set your car to neutral. Most importantly, stay focused and concentrate on the tracks - not the racing cars.

Hint: Running out of fuel:
Select Chad Little (John Deere Ford) in championship mode. Then, go to "NASCAR Options" and set it to 5%.Late in the race, you will blow out tires and run out of fuel.

Glitch: Pass the pace car:
When under a caution and a few spaces behind the pace car, answer "Yes" when the game asks you to pit, When you get to the pits, abort if you are behind the pace car. The game should allow you to pass it. If not, you will still gain some positions.

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