Baal (Amiga)

Unlimited lives:
Press the Right Mouse Button when the screen blanks while the game loads.

Cheat mode:
Begin game play and accumulate approximately 1000 points.
Intentionally lose and enter LOVEBUNDLE as a name on the high score screen.
A message will confirm correct code entry.
Press [Enter], delete the last "E" in "LOVEBUNDLE", and press [Enter] again.
Press [Space] to restart the game, press P to pause, and press [F10].
Then, type xr4imegaturbonuttertwattingbastard-overtoyoudave.
The game will load after the last letter in the sequence is pressed.
Game play will start at level 2 with unlimited lives and all weapons.
Note: Pause the game and type the last sequence if this does not occur.
Pause the game, press [F10], then type the sequence again to start at level 3.
Jetpack platforms:
Move to the following coordinates to find a jetpack.

Level 1
31/16, 02/25, 52/30, 51/00, 24/38, 62/13, 02/50, 64/49, 33/58

Level 2
34/30, 54/12. 16/12, 00/24, 03/34, 30/47, 54/12

Level 3

Teleporter codes:
Level 1         Level 2
13-00-29-16-24  12-12-48-56-30
64-53-50-25-04  17-54-35-02-34
58-49-48-38     24-34
32-68-00-29     02-06

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