A Nightmare On Elm Street (Nintendo (NES))

Changing characters:
Press Select to change characters.

Hint: Weapons:
To make the weapons that the ninja-boy, warlock, ninja-girl, normal teens, and the other character specialty stronger, get three to four of each of the character symbols.
Their weapons, kicks, and punches, will be stronger.

Hint: Defeating Freddy:
Before entering the high school, make sure you have a lot of lives.
You have to fight all the Bosses one after the other until you reach Freddy.

Hint: Zzzs:
Sometimes you may find dynamite, which refills your Zzzs.
When hit or when standing still, you will begin to lose Zzzs.
When out of Zzzs enemies are harder, and you cannot collect the ninja, warlock, and warrior dream icons.

Hint: Nightmare:
When you have no Zzzs, you fall asleep.
You can only dream-change yourself into the characters icons you have collected.
The boom-box wakes you back up, but you do end up where ever you were when you got the boom-box in the nightmare.

Hint: Unreachable bone:
There is a location in the high school with stairs going down.
At the end of that platform is another platform that is too far to reach.
Do not try to reach it as you will lose a life, even if you try from above.
Collect all the other bones and wait in a safe location until you run out of Zzzs.
Then, change into the warlock, find that unreachable bone, and get it.
Go back and find a boom-box to wake up again.

Hint: Recommended order of buildings:
From left to right outside, second house, first house, run-down house, junk yard, cemetery, high school.
Enter them in that order to save time, life, and Zzzs.

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