A-10 Cuba (Macintosh)

Cheat mode:
Enter the simulator and press [Command] + S to enable cheat mode. Press X to use the mouse to control the flight of the aircraft. Repeatedly press 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, or 8 on the Keypad to move in the corresponding direction. Press 5 on the Keypad to stop. Press [Enter] to fire Maverick missiles and click the Mouse Button to fire the cannon. Press [Option] + [Tab] to increase your aircrafts altitude by 500 feet.
To return to the cockpit, type 61 .

B-2 Bomber:
Begin a mission and dive towards the ground in a non-vertical line. Fire three Maverick missiles, perform a barrel roll, and pull out of the dive just before hitting the ground. If done correctly, your A-10 will not be destroyed by the explosions of the missiles and not by contacting the ground. The A-10 will be replaced by a B-2.

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